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Things you ought to know about America’s Pharmacy

America’s Pharmacy invites all US residents to save up to 80% on their prescriptions with the America’s Pharmacy program.

The information below will give you even more indepth data on the program.

1. How Do I Request a Card?

It is very easy. You can get one now, and also request one is sent to your home. We can even email and text one to you. Just click here. The card is preactivated and ready to use immediately.

Can Just Anyone Use this Program?

Well, yes, pretty much anyone can. It only works in the United States, so if you are using it in the United States then anyone can. Your whole family can use it!

What about My Pet?

Of course, your pet is included! There are more than 600 pet medications available at most U.S. pharmacies, and we cover them for both you and your pet.

2. Request a Card for Your Wallet Today

Unlike some other programs, we offer both savings cards and coupons. But why is that? 

It’s all for your convenience. With America’s Pharmacy, you do not need to show your card but a coupon to save money. And you don’t have to register for our free program. You don’t have to talk to your doctor about using our program (although thousands of doctors provide our cards to their patients) or request anything from a drug manufacturer. We’ve done all the heavy lifting to make the process as smooth and easy for as possible. That way you can concentrate on getting the drugs you need, when you need them, and at a price that you can afford.

Sometimes a Card is Just Easier

Sometimes having an America’s Pharmacy card in your wallet is just more convenient than using coupons. Sometimes people do not have their phone or internet available to search online for coupons. Of course, when you use the America’s Pharmacy card, you can just show it to your pharmacist (either the printed version or a digital version on your phone) and you’ll automatically get our best savings, no coupon required.         

And because the America’s Pharmacy program is honored by so many different US pharmacies and has discounts on tens of thousands of medications that you be sure that using it and applying its discount to all of your prescription needs will help you at the pharmacy.

And It’s So Easy!

When you use the America’s Pharmacy program it’s is so simple and easy. Just show your printed or digital card to your pharmacist to get the best America’s Pharmacy prices. Whether you need a prescription in the middle of the night, or on vacation with no ready internet access, your card is there for you to get discount prices on your medicine.

3. Bulk Discount Prescription Cards

We often get the question:  do you send a bulk shipment of cards for organizations or groups? Yes, we certainly do! Whether it is for your small business, church, or another group just send us an email at the address below and we will send you a shipment. info@AmericasPharmacy.com

We can ship any number of the card to satisfy your group’s needs.

4. Cheap Drug Prescriptions

Who does not want cheap drug prescriptions? We all want to save money. And if you’re looking to save money on prescriptions, you can save up to 80% off your precautions by using America’s Pharmacy.

Our program is honored nationwide at more than 62,000 pharmacies. We created America’s Pharmacy to help people with no or limited pharmacy benefits. Our free program was created to save people up to 80% on their prescription drugs.

Still not convinced? You can see for yourself the discounts we provide when you use our cheap drug prescriptions drug pricing search. You’ll see that America’s Pharmacy has the best discounts for any drug plan. You can download a free America’s Pharmacy, we can send one to you via email, or even text. You can always download our app on your phone or other device. No matter how you access our program, it is free and does not expire.

America’s Pharmacy proudly offers our free program with our lowcost prescriptions prices. It seems that everyday prescriptions are getting more and more expensive, so using the America’s Pharmacy card is now more important than ever. Because everyone who uses our program gets our best price.

Start saving immediately, get your prescription s at the lowest price available. Use America’s Pharmacy. And remember – our cheap drug prescription plan is totally free. The entire family can benefit from our program. Even your pets can save on medication when you use America’s Pharmacy. There’s no limit to what you can save when you use America’s Pharmacy.                                                            

5. Discount Cards mean Savings on Prescriptions

We believe that nobody should pay the full price for medication! And what is even more surprising is that people who already have health insurance pay extremely high copays for their prescription.

But you can take advantage of America’s Pharmacy savings program today. America’s Pharmacy provides big savings on prescription drugs at more than 62,000 pharmacies – including Walmart, CVS, Walgreen’s, Kroger, Rite Aid and more.

Never overpay for your medication!

Don’t have health insurance? Or if you have insurance, is it not saving you the money you expect it to? America’s Pharmacy often beats insurance copays and can reduce the cost of prescriptions that insurance will not cover. America’s Pharmacy program has no limits in prescription, no exclusions, and no application process. You can use America’s Pharmacy immediately – just show a coupon or card to your pharmacist!

And when you want to find a pharmacy near you and find the lowest prices in your area, just use our online search tool.

Free Mobile App – Instant Savings

Get your free America’s Pharmacy Android or iOS app and start saving instantly. All you need to do is show the app to your pharmacist when you fill a prescription. When you do you’ll take advantage of the America’s Pharmacy instant prescription discounts.

Get Your Card the Way You Like Email, Text, or Print

America’s Pharmacy has made it easy to save on your prescriptions. On our home page, you can get coupons, cards, or our app. Whether you get your saving card or coupons via text, email, or even print, you will get the low, low America’s Pharmacy prices on your prescriptions.

6. Discounts on Drugs

Looking for discounts on your medications? America’s Pharmacy provides discounts on thousands of medications, just for people who need them.  We provide discounts for individuals, families, and even your pets. To find the deepest discounts at pharmacies near you, please visit our home page.

There is no reason to wait. Visit the America’s Pharmacy home page to find the best discounts on your prescriptions today.

7. Our Discount Plan

America’s Pharmacy is a Discount prescription plan, a free one for anyone in the US who needs it. The America’s Pharmacy plan is not insurance. When you use America’s Pharmacy there no limitations on our service, no maximums or minimums, and no fees.

Our prescription information is updated every day so you can be sure that America’s Pharmacy is getting you the best discounts on your medication possible. Find nearby pharmacies with the lowest prices on your medications, use the search tool on the America’s Pharmacy home page.

8. You Can Even Save Money on Medication for your Pet Medications

As a pet owner, you know how expensive pet medications can get. Prescriptions for your pet can cost as much or more than people prescriptions. And since many people have enough trouble paying for their own medication, paying for the prescriptions for dogs, cats, horses, and other pets are just that much harder!

More pet owners need to know about America’s Pharmacy. America’s Pharmacy provides discounts on pet medications (for all pets) that you purchase at your pharmacy.

Because there is No Reason to Buy Expensive Pet Meds from Your Vet If You Don’t Have To

From time to time when you bring your pet to your veterinarian they will offer a specific brand of medication for your pet. As with people doctors, veterinarians often have preferred brands. But with America’s Pharmacy, pet owners no longer have to pay for expensive prescription medications directly from their veterinarians.                                                                                                                                       

Are You Paying for Pet Medical Insurance?

A lot of pet owners discover that a monthly payment for insurance for their pets, even insurance that just includes the basic services, is often priced out of reach for most of us. This is not to say that we discourage anyone from getting health insurance for their pets. This kind of insurance can be extremely useful, particularly for pets with large medical expenses (and especially with older animals). But if you do get pet insurance, it is always a good idea to check what the medication your pet is taking will cost using the plan. Oftentimes coverage for medication is a bare minimum, especially medications you’re your vet might provide.                                                                                                                                       

Smart Consumers us Free America’s Pharmacy Program to Get Discounts on Pet Medication

A free way you can save money on pet medications is to use the America’s Pharmacy card (or coupons). Regardless of how you take advantage of America’s Pharmacy, you’ll save instantly on your pet medication. That’s because it works the same way for pets as it does for people. Simply go to our site, get a coupon or a card, and present it at your pharmacy when you pick up your medication (that’s right, a lot of the time you can get your pets’ medication right there at your local pharmacy). Sometimes it is the exact same medications prescribed for pets that are also taken by people.

America’s Pharmacy makes it easy to find the lowest price on your pet medication in your area. Just go to our home page and use our online search tool. When you visit a pharmacy for the first time you will need to show them your America’s Pharmacy card our coupon (or app), but once you do this, the pharmacy typically keeps your America’s Pharmacy information on file and they will use it when you order the same medication again.

9. Facts You Should Know About Free Drug Cards

We all know medication costs are among the top reasons people worry that healthcare is becoming more and more expensive for the average consumer. Free America’s Pharmacy prescription program will help you save on your costs at pharmacies anywhere in the United States. Your whole family saves with America’s Pharmacy. Even your pets can save on their medications.

And when you call America’s Pharmacy our phone operators to provide immediate and professional help for our customers. Just look at our customer testimonials and our better business bureau rating. We are rated highly in our reviews, and we’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau (also known as the BBB).             

Unlike other programs, with the America’s Pharmacy program, there are

No fees for enrollment

No carveouts for preexisting conditions

No limitations

No deductibles

No exclusions

Honored at 62,000 pharmacies throughout the United States

Save up to 80%

10. Free Drug Discount Program

Since the time we began America’s Pharmacy, we’ve helped thousands of educated consumers save on prescriptions at their local pharmacy. Each day people used free America’s Pharmacy program to save up to 80% on their medication. Because prices vary dues t drug and location, we created an online search tool designed to help you locate bestpriced prescriptions nearest to you. Please go to our homepage to use their free online tool.

It does not matter to us if you insured, uninsured, so somewhere in between – we just want to help you save up to 80% on your medication. You should always check our discounts before you buy.

Don’t forget, it is easy to get your America’s Pharmacy discount card. You can choose to receive it by email, text, print, or even app (both Android and iOS). America’s Pharmacy free discount cards are always preactivated so you can use them immediately. And however you use our program, are no limits, no exclusions or “carveouts,” or prescriptions restrictions. America’s Pharmacy is dedicated to helping it users save on prescriptions. Even people who have insurance may want to check to see if the America’s Pharmacy prices are lower than their copay. But if you are not insured, you’ll certainly want to use America’s Pharmacy deepest discounts. America’s Pharmacy is available to all US residents, and even covers your pets.

11. Free Drug Card

America’s Pharmacy is readily available to any resident of the United States.  With more than 62,000 pharmacies in the America’s Pharmacy network, we make it simple for people to find a pharmacy near them with the lowest prices.  America’s Pharmacy is free to individuals living in the US and their families, even their pets.  If you are uninsured you very well may be able to benefit from our nocost program. But also, if you need medication that is not covered by insurance, like lifestyle, weightloss, or erectile dysfunction drugs often aren’t, you may be able to save using the America’s Pharmacy discount program.

12. Your Free Prescription Drug Card

When you get your free prescription drug card from America’s Pharmacy you can start saving instantly on your prescriptions. It’s that easy!

Are you paying full price at your pharmacy? Then you will certainly want to get free America’s Pharmacy card. Our program provides prescription savings up to 80% at 62,000+ pharmacies to thousands of people across the United States.

Always Get the Best Price

Find your best prices when you use the America’s Pharmacy’s drug search tool. Go to our home page to search for the best prices nearest to you.

Fast, Easy, and Free to Get

America’s Pharmacy makes it fast and easy to get a free prescription card. Just go use our card request form to ask for one. The America’s Pharmacy program can even save you money on the drugs you buy for your pets.