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What is CHIP and How Do I Apply for It?

What is CHIP and How Do I Apply for It? | America’s Pharmacy

What is CHIP?

If your child is in need of health insurance, children can receive full health care coverage through The Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP. While the program is similar to Medicaid and works with each state’s Medicaid program, CHIP is for families who earn above the qualifying income for Medicaid. Dependent on what state you live in, CHIP will also provide health insurance for pregnant women.

What does CHIP cover?

CHIP offers coverage for routine check-ups, immunizations, doctor visits, and prescriptions along with free routine “well child” doctor visits and dental appointments. However, copayments may be required for additional services. Dependent on the state you live in, monthly premiums may be required as well. If your children require prescriptions, reduce your medical costs by using an Rx discount card. An Rx discount card is free, and you can save up to 80% on medication for your family.

How do I know if my children qualify for CHIP?

If you’ve applied and received information regarding your qualification, you also received information regarding your children’s eligibility for CHIP Call 1-800-318-25961. Fill out a Health Insurance Marketplace application at HealthCare.gov by creating an account or logging into an existing account2 If you qualify for CHIP, your children’s health insurance applies immediately. No enrollment period means instant coverage. You can find more information on CHIP in your state by visiting InsureKidsNow.gov3.


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