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How To Compare Drug Prices

How To Compare Drug Prices | America’s Pharmacy

How can I find the lowest prescription prices? As healthcare costs increase, this is a question we have all asked ourselves. We can all use a little help with prescription costs, and one of the best ways you can save on your prescriptions is by shopping around to compare prices.

There can be huge differences in prices from one drugstore to another. This means where you get your prescription can often affect your wallet. What might be most surprising of all? According to a recent study, 73% of Americans did not know that prices of medicine differ by drugstore. 

It’s true: according to a Consumer Reports investigation, drugs varied in price by as much as 10 times between pharmacies. A medication that’s $40 at one pharmacy might only be $10 at another, and just because you go to a chain store like CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart, it does not guarantee that you are getting the best prices on your prescription. In fact, Consumer Reports found CVS and Rite Aid were among the most expensive in their investigation. 

Fortunately, America’s Pharmacy can help you compare and save on all your medications.

Finding the Best Prescription Prices

Comparing drug prices might seem time-consuming, but it’s actually quick and simple!

If you need help with your prescription costs and you’re unsure how to begin looking, you can start with our drug price comparison tool. We made it easy to use:

  1. Enter your medication and zip code. This info is kept anonymous.
  2. Instantly see a list of pharmacies and drug prices in your area
  3. Select the best option and how you would like to receive your coupon (text, email, download, print).
  4. Show your coupon to your pharmacist and immediately save on your medication.

Drug Price Comparison App

If you’re on the go and don’t have access to a computer, that’s okay – we also provide an easy to use app that allows you to check prescription drug prices right from your phone.  

The app offers the same tools as our web-based drug search tool but has the added benefit of automatically using your current location to search for local discounts. It provides an instant, ready to use coupon right on your phone. 

Simply search for your medication, find the best price near you, then show your phone with your coupon to the pharmacist. They’ll know how to apply the discount. 

More Tips for Drug Savings

Comparing your prescription prices online is one of the best ways you can save money, but here are a few additional tips you might find helpful.

Switch to Generic Medications

While there is some discussion over generic versus brand name medications, one thing is true: generic drugs cost less than brand name ones. So, have a talk with your doctor to see if a generic medication is an option for you. 

If it is, your doctor will likely want to monitor the effects, but you may also have to pay much less. 

Consider 90-Day Prescriptions

Medications that treat chronic conditions, like diabetes, are often available in 90-day supplies. This could be more a more cost-efficient option. It may even cost you less to pay for a 90-day supply in cash, because this could be cheaper than paying three separate co-pays. 

When pairing this option with our price comparison and discount services, you can save even more.

Include Shipping Costs

Ordering your medications through an online pharmacy is definitely another way you can save. However, always be sure to factor shipping costs into the overall cost of the drug. Sometimes, you can still pay less at a nearby pharmacy when accounting for costs to ship your medications. The home delivery price you see on America's Pharmacy always includes the cost of shipping. 

You can also order your medications directly from the America's Pharmacy website and ship them right to your home. We partner with pharmacies to provide this service to our members. Just search for a medication to see if home delivery is offered.

Start Saving Today

America’s Pharmacy is here to help make your prescription medications more affordable. Our discount card is accepted in over 62,000 pharmacies across the U.S. and can help you save up to 80% on your medications. Find out more about our discount card and get your free card to begin saving!