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How to Relieve Fall Allergy Symptoms

How to Relieve Fall Allergy Symptoms | America’s Pharmacy

After a long -- and for some, isolating -- summer, fall is a welcome change. Along with pumpkin spice everything, autumn brings changing leaves, sweaters, and everyone’s favorite, allergies!  

Don’t let allergies interrupt your apple picking—here’s what you need to know:

It’s Fall—shouldn’t allergy season be over? 

Not quite. Between more time spent indoors, moisture in the air, and leaves falling to the ground, fall brings its own allergy triggers, including: 

  • Ragweed 
  • Sagebrush
  • Pigweed
  • Russian thistle 
  • Mugwort

Dustmites and mold, both indoor and outdoor, are also present this time of year, and can trigger asthma as well as allergies. 


What are common fall allergy symptoms?

Like any time of year, fall allergies present differently in different people. Common symptoms include: 

  • Watery, itchy eyes 
  • Runny nose 
  • Itching in the back of the throat 
  • Upset stomach and/or diarrhea
  • Dry, itchy skin  
  • Hives or eczema 
  • Anaphylaxis (in extreme cases) 

Is there any way to prevent it? 

While there is no way to cure allergies, there are a number of steps you can take to mitigate your risk, starting with: 

  • See your doctor to run allergy tests to determine your triggers and help clarify what you should avoid. They can also create a treatment plan or write a prescription to combat your symptoms. 
  • Check the pollen count before you leave for the day and take any necessary precautions 
  • Keep pollen off of your skin by wearing protective clothing—like long sleeves, hats, or masks—and washing your hands thoroughly whenever you return from outside
  • Remove moisture from the air with a dehumidifier or by running your air conditioning 
  • Clean your home often, and change your vent filters to eliminate dust buildup 

What should I do if my allergies start acting up? 

Consult your doctor on this one. They may recommend: 

  • Oral antihistamines, either a prescription, like Zyrtec or Clarinex, or over the counter like Allegra, Claritin, or the generic alternative loratadine 
  • Prescription nasal antihistamine, including Astelin
  • Topical nose spray, like Flonase or nasonex
  • Nasal lavage 
  • Eye drops, either prescriptions like Optivar and Emadine, or Visine, which can be found in the pharmacy aisle 
  • Singulair, an asthma medication that works to block certain allergy symptoms 

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