06-09-2021 Healthcare

Pets are people too

Pets are people too | America’s Pharmacy

Americans spent nearly $70 billion on their pets last year. Caring for these furry family members is worth every penny, but pet owners know that their prescription meds aren’t cheap. 

In many cases, however, pet medications are the very same ones taken by people and can be filled at retail pharmacies.

Lower cost options are available. 

If your veterinarian writes a prescription for a brand name medication, there may be a generic alternative. By looking up a drug on AmericasPharmacy.com, you can see all of the lower-cost options.

Insurance co-pays may not give the best discount. 

Pet insurance can be extremely useful, particularly for pets with high medical expenses. But it often covers only a short list of medications and can result in high copays. To ensure that you are getting the best price at the pharmacy counter, present your America’s Pharmacy card along with your insurance information. The pharmacist will compare costs, and give you the lowest price.

You can use America’s Pharmacy to save money. 

Using your America’s Pharmacy card for pets works the same way as it does for people. All you need to do is get a coupon or a card, and present it at your pharmacy when you pick up your medication.

And, using America’s Pharmacy to save on prescriptions just got even easier. We recently launched a brand new app, available for both iOS and Android, that ensures that you never leave the house without your savings card.

Pets are important members of every household. So, whether you have four legs or two, America’s Pharmacy can help you save up to 80% on your medications.