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How to Save on Vyvanse for ADHD

How to Save on Vyvanse for ADHD | America’s Pharmacy

There are a number of ways to treat ADHD. Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine) is one of the most popular medications along with Adderall (mixed salts amphetamine).1 These are stimulants you take that can help increase the level of certain neurotransmitters.1 They’ll improve concentration and focus while also reducing hyperactivity and impulsive behavior which detracts from productivity.1

Vyvanse is a viable option to treat ADHD in both adults and children six years and older. It was approved by the FDA in 2007.1 Compared to Adderall, Vyvanse is less likely to be abused because it can’t be injected or inhaled to get high.1

Unfortunately, although effective, Vyvanse is also incredibly expensive. A 30-day supply is hundreds of dollars, and there is no lower-cost generic alternative available. This medication guide is intended to help you save on this drug that can help you function in your daily life.

Use Your America’s Pharmacy Discount

America’s Pharmacy offers a wide range of prescription coupons and discounts with our discount savings card. Now, you can search for your Vyvanse prescription to use at one of 62,000+ participating pharmacies across the country. When you get to the pharmacy counter, you’ll save big time.

Get a 90-day Supply

Having your doctor write you a prescription for a larger quantity of the medication can help you save on some out-of-pocket costs depending on your insurance. Investigate this alternative as a way to save on Vyvanse. If you’re having trouble getting your prescription filled, your doctor, your pharmacist, and your insurance are all resources throughout this process. Bonus? Once you do it one time, you’ll likely be able to repeat the process and stop visiting the pharmacy every single month.

Another great aspect of the 90-day supply is that you can often apply other cost-saving strategies on this list as well. You can apply prescription coupons, get higher dosage pills, or even use an online pharmacy to ensure you get the best deal. Combining all of these factors can drastically lower the rate that you’re paying.

Consider an Online Pharmacy

Check mail-order (online) pharmacies to see what type of competitive pricing they offer. Mail-order pharmacies often offer 90-day supplies or allow you to pay a smaller copay. These are both ways that you can eliminate costs related to your ADHD medication. You can easily pair this with your use of America’s Pharmacy by searching for your medication and location. Once your options pop up, see if “Home Delivery” is available to you.

Split a Higher Dosage Pill

The best way to research this cost-saving technique is to talk to your healthcare provider. Depending on the strength of the pill that you’re currently taking, there may be another pill that is similarly priced. Your doctor may be open to prescribing you a higher dosage pill that you can manually split. Although you’ll pay around the same amount, you may double or triple the amount of medication in each bottle you receive. Cost savings at its finest! It’s important to discuss this first with your physician or pharmacist.

Evaluate Vyvanse Manufacturer Coupons

As the manufacturer of the drug, Vyvanse offers discounts to eligible patients. You may save as little as $30 per prescription or as much as $60 each time you visit the pharmacy. You can either get a mobile savings card or print a downloadable PDF to start the process. Visit Vyvanse for more information.

Discuss Other Medications with Your Healthcare Provider

Part of the reason that Vyvanse is so expensive is because it doesn’t have a generic alternative, and thus it comes at a premium.However, there are other similar stimulants that may treat your ADHD in a similar way but won’t break the bank. Consider Concerta or Adderall.3 Both of these medications have cheaper generic alternatives. Generic alternatives are low-cost and often work just as well as brand-name drugs. The FDA states that generic medicines work in the same way and provide the same benefits as the brand-name version.3 The generic alternatives go through the same approval process and must pass the same safety, strength, quality, performance, and intended use qualifications.With that, you should still consult a trusted healthcare professional before switching any medication.

Saving on Vyvanse

Don’t get discouraged if Vyvanse isn't the right medication for you. We know the financial aspect of prescription medications can be overwhelming, but there are a lot of ways to save even when the price of the drug is high. America’s Pharmacy negotiates lower prices on behalf of millions of Americans and passes those savings along to its users. Find free ADHD prescription coupons, download the prescription savings app, or get a prescription discount card to start saving today.



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