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What if a Pharmacy Refuses Your Rx Discount Coupon?

What if a Pharmacy Refuses Your Rx Discount Coupon? | America’s Pharmacy

We recently received this question: “My drugstore refused my discount prescription coupon! Now what?”
From time to time we hear of drugstores that are listed on America’s Pharmacy not accepting our discounts. The good news is that they are just confused. Here's how to make sure your pharmacist honors your America’s Pharmacy discount coupons.

Tell the Pharmacist to Call Our Helpline

America’s Pharmacy has secured the discounts at the stores listed on our site (59,000 pharmacies nationwide). These pharmacies have signed a contract to honor our prices. If a pharmacist does not want to accept our prescription discount card or coupon, they can call our 24-hour pharmacist helpline at (888) 495-3181. We will remind the pharmacist that they are required to honor our price.

Verbally Confirm that the America’s Pharmacy Discount Was Applied

Before you pay for your medication, ask the pharmacist to confirm that they applied your America’s Pharmacy card or coupon. Compare the total amount you’re being asked to pay with the discount that was listed on our website to make sure the prices match.

Always Check Your Receipt

Your America’s Pharmacy prescription discount will be listed on the receipt. When a total is not what you expected, check your receipt. If you do not see your discount, then the pharmacist might have forgotten it. If you are not sure, then ask – you should never pay more than you need to for your medicine.

Confirm that the Pharmacist Used the Right Card or Coupon

From time to time pharmacies pre-select a pharmacy discount card or coupon for you; they might even switch you to one without you knowing it. Most of the time, the prices are higher with these other cards and coupons.

Don’t pay more than you have to! Insist on using a genuine America’s Pharmacy card or coupon. Bring a card or coupon each time you refill your prescription. You’ll be glad you did.

What if I Don’t Have an America’s Pharmacy Card or Coupon?

That’s easy! There are a few ways to get an America’s Pharmacy card or coupon.

Find Coupons Through Our Website

Search for your medications on our website and download or print free coupons.

Download Our App On Your Phone

Download our mobile app on the App Store or Google Play. This will give you access to the same coupons that are available on our website.

Choose How to Receive Your Discount Card

Request a free prescription discount card on our website. You can choose how to receive your card - email, text, or mail it to yourself.

Make Sure You Get the Lowest Price Every Time You Go to the Pharmacy

More and more these days, what you pay for your prescription is your own responsibility. It’s good to have a big, trusted brand like America’s Pharmacy on your side, making sure that you never pay too much. So, bring America’s Pharmacy with you every time you go to the drugstore, to be sure you are always getting the best price.

Download the America’s Pharmacy app so that you always have discounts available on your phone.