My Diabetes Cookbook

We all know that what you put into your body is particularly important to your health. If you have diabetes, you must focus on this more than ever. As the editors of America's Pharmacy, we are always getting questions about what to cook when you have diabetes.

We understand that unhealthy eating habits can often contribute to type 2 diabetes, and when people are diagnosed, sometimes they are not sure how to change their eating habits, even if they are committed to a healthier lifestyle. People at all stages of diabetes ask the same question, "What's for dinner?" So, we created this book to help.

My Diabetes Cookbook Includes These Recipes and More!

  • Basil Tomato Bisque
  • Quick and Simple Mango Salsa
  • Minnesota Cabbage Rolls
  • Madrid Omelet
  • Caribbean Salmon
  • Angel Food Cake