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“Phenomenal discounts — so many great low prices can't beat it seriously. I love you guys.”

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“Thank you for the card! I am unemployed and without insurance right now. Thank you.”

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“I have never saved that much money. This was more money than I saved with other cards. It might not be a lot to other people, but saving an extra $83.20 per month makes a difference in a life like mine. Thank you so much.”

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“It worked! Finally I got one of these online drug coupons to work. It took a long time to get my pharmacist to take one, but they took this America's Pharmacy one. Usually my pharmacist just shakes his head, but he looked this one up and said yes, it was in his computer. And I saved 22% Yes!”

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“I got one of those cards in the mail and it worked great. I got 35% off my medicine and the pharmacist just took it my card and smiled. I am very happy with them and this service”

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“I save $43.50 each month using their coupons. That is every month. That is more than $520 every year. I do not know how they do it, but they do it and it save me a lot of money, so thank you.”

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“Fantastic discounts. Available online to check your medication prices at local pharmacies in your area!! Thank you!”

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“Thank you so much for your kind help.”

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“Thanks so much for the card it means so much to me – I am very grateful thanks again. I have a friend who is a Doctor of Pharmacy and she said my you are lucky to get a card that gets 80% off -- WOW.”

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“I do have insurance but a friend mentioned one get better prices at this site. so I went online and bought meds at a discounted price on Tried home delivery and was so smooth and easy. Highly recommend”

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“I love this site. it helps me to save $200 on my prescription!. I would recommend everybody to check this site prices over your insurance cost and I am sure you will save so much money.”

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“The first time I used America's Pharmacy I saved nearly $100 on my prescription! I always assumed my Insurance would give me the best price but I was wrong. I now check every prescription against America's Pharmacy prices and I frequently choose that over my Insurance. I've saved so much money this year and it's been so helpful to my finances. I'm grateful I found this option.”

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“So thrilled with the generosity you are sharing with me.”

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“I use this card! The savings are real!!!!”

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“It works! Even on meds for our dog!”

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“I just got a $52 prescription for $12.”

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“They helped me with the price of my meds.”

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“Well pleased with my card.”

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“I got a $100 prescription for $25.”

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“My son got a quote of $600 at Walgreens. Went looking for coupons and saved $450 at Costco.”

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“I used mine and saved $40.00. Thank you.”

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“I saved $30.”

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“I can testify to this! I used them for my son’s prescription yesterday! It took it from $42 to $12.50... Thank you America's Pharmacy!!””

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“Oh thank you sooo much!!! Great customer service... quick response and thorough info.”

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“Loving using them.”

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“Use it all the time!!!”

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“Helped me out!”

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“Very good on explaining things and love to get new meds that we know are safe.”

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“Saved me a bunch!”

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“These coupons saved me so much money ... thank you so much.”

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“Wow, my $1,400.00 dollar prescription was only $40.00 with coupon from Americas Pharmacy. Thank you very much. If I hadn't found this I would be doing without, very grateful. It's just unbelievable that there could be such difference.”

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“My prescription would have been $18.00 but with America's Pharmacy it was $12.00.”

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“I just saved $88.00 using this company. So grateful!”

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“I don’t use my insurance on one of my prescription because it would cost me $47.00, but with America’s Pharmacy it cost me only $20.67. What a saving.”

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“Just used mine today. Thank you for the card. I’ll continue to save on my other meds.”

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“Today I saved $115.00. I love coupons!”

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“I took my card to Kroger. Rx [was] $30 [with insurance], with card paid $15.”

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“I wont mention the medication but your price is $28.38. G---Rx was over $400... Thank you... you saved me.”

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“Coupons work! I was ready to stop getting my insulin medication since it cost me over $200 for one pen. With the coupon it cost me $14.”

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“I've been using this for years. It's great!”

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“Thank you, you saved my son some $$$$.”

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“Cheaper than the competitor.”

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“Love this company!”

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“I saved 52 dollars on my eye drops for surgery.”

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“Truly works!!! It's a blessing.”

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“I used an Rx card to get a prescription that is normally over $600 for 45 pills and paid $32. They do work...they are cheaper than my insurance co-pay!!”

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